It was in the darkest of places, i fell to my face and cried out to Jesus.


To a best friend…

It was in the darkest of places, i fell to my face and cried out to Jesus.  I don't know why it was required of me to go to this dark place, but it was there i found myself.  It was there i found Jesus.  So i speak from the truth gained by going to the darkest of places and finding the brightest of lights… Jesus.  

It is likely there is purpose in your experience of the darkness.  I know the pain is deep and seemingly impossible, but it is from this impossibility you may have opportunity to know the power of God you have only heard about.  This season may be your chance to discover something much deeper and truthful than you could ever imagine.

There is truth even in the darkness.  The truth is Jesus.  I don't know what is required of you, but i do know the way out of the darkness for me was progressive and began with the birth of God Spots.  I woke up one day in darkness and cried, "God! If you don't show yourself… i will not live for tomorrow."  He out of love… not obligation revealed Himself.  Then, daily He continue to reveal Himself.  It is likely God desires to reveal Himself to you, also.

It was with God's touch, i picked up the NT Message version of the Bible.  I started with verse one… i read every minute of the day possible.  I carried the book with me… all the time.  It tethered me to God.  There was no breaking free.  I scribbled all over the pages.  Everything God said, i wrote… i wrote thousands of words… all God's revelation and authentication. In a few weeks, i had finished the NT and started with verse one, again.  My hunger was unquenchable… His Word was always either in my back pocket or in my hand reading…. i became a new man.

i like to say, "Out of the darkness, God began birthing a new man… the man He desired to spend eternity with."  Again, i don't know God's purpose for this darkness in your life, but i know David experienced a similar adventure.

The best i can offer you is a cry to Jesus, totally broken.  Then, a nonstop compulsive feasting on His Word driven by a new found passionate love for Christ…. i pray this on you and will continue to pray this as you discover His light in the darkest of places.

your best of  friends and fellow lover of Jesus,

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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