Jesus loves me. This I know.

I am so impressed with Jesus and His love for me.  What else can I say?  Jesus loves me.  This I know.

I have a challenge tomorrow.  It impacts my future in a dramatic way.  I have a choice.  Shall I believe God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do or should I wrestle the issue away from God and handle it myself?  Isn't that a stupid question?  What would you do?

I have been running with God the last couple years.  I think I will continue the race with God.  If you think about me tomorrow morning.  Pray.  I'll let you know how things work out.  Did I mention?  Jesus loves me.  This I know.

Thank you.  

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Grossly Over Rated

tvI have to say, losing my tv signal was grossly overrated.  For months, that is all I heard of interest from my tv.  I kept hearing how in just a few months, then weeks, then days and finally “its only minutes away!” I was going to lose my tv signal.

From all the hype, I thought it was going to be some event near as big as Jesus coming again.  But, it never happened.  I did lose the programs normally seen.  But the signal is still there.  I can watch as much tv as I want.  It is just the content that has changed.

It’s 2:14 AM and for hours now, the station has been telling me how to connect my cables and recommending I go spend money to purchase a converter box.  So far, I am happy enough with the new programming.  It is handy to know how to connect stuff and what tv gadget boxes I should buy.

I think I’ll stick with the new programming and see how things work out.  The only shows I miss are the same ones I missed before the programming change.  The English comedy went off the air a while back on PBS and I was stuck watching goofed up people on sitcoms doing goofed up things.

Yeah.   I’m ok with the new programming.  I’ll just probably watch a lot less of it.

James Harrison T-Shirt – What will you pay?

jamestaylorHow much will you pay for an authentic James Harrison Superbowl record breaker T-Shirt?  I think this shirt may have been worn during the Super Bowl game and James made his record breaking touch down.  I think the guy that has this shirt stole it off his back while he was in the shower.

 aretha-franklinOr possibly you’d like to bid on Aretha’s hat she recently wore at the Oh’Bama inaugeration.  She says she’s not sure if she is going to let the Smithsonian Institute have it.


michael_phelps_bong-500x666And if nothing else you could always bid on Michael Swim Phelps’s hooka pipe.  He says he used bad judgement.  Probably thought the pipe was a bad fit for his teeth.


Or possibly my dirty socks. 

I don’t know.  I guess the Super Bowl brings out the best or worst in me.  Sigh…


Which item will bring the best price on ebay?