Update on my friend with cancer follows. Please pray…

On October 27th, I was diagnosed with mouth cancer; a stage 2 squamous cell carcinoma inside my right cheek. Surgery is scheduled for Monday, November 30 at which time the surgical team will remove the tumor, 5 teeth and a portion of my upper and lower jaw. I am advised to allow at least two weeks before even thinking about resuming any normal ministry activity. So, I will be out of commission for a couple of weeks. For those of you who sent your support check after the 15th, you will be receiving a receipt letter as you normally would but it will not have any personal comments on it. Please know that whether there is a note or not, I am very grateful for your ongoing support of our ministry. It is a blessing beyond belief.

But God, who is rich in mercy has opened some doors of ministry for me since the diagnosis. One opportunity was with a 38 year old male, I’ll call “Z”. When I visited him in the hospital, upon the request of his sister, “Z” told me that had been diagnosed with lymphoma and was facing a chemotherapy treatment plan. As we talked, he broke into tears when he shared with me the possibility that he would never leave the hospital. I grabbed his hand and words of encouragement began to flow from my mouth. He confessed that he had not been in church in over 20 years, that he had lived a hard life as a truck driver and just didn’t know how God could forgive him. I assured him that forgiveness was his in Jesus and if he, by faith, would give Jesus his old life, that Jesus would give him new life in return. A life of supernatural hope, peace and love that he could experience despite his serious prognosis. So, on a Monday morning, just before I went for a CT scan, “Z” gave his life to Christ. Please pray that this confession will take deep root and that “Z” will be drawn into a close, personal relationship with Jesus.

I visited another gentleman in the hospital following surgery to remove a blockage in his small intestine that had caused him a great deal of discomfort. The surgery went well and he was looking forward to going home to his family. He was released from the hospital but later received a pathology report that revealed that he has a very rare form of intestinal cancer. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy with additional surgery on the horizon. I shared my diagnosis with him and all of a sudden, our relationship deepened.   All of a sudden he felt I could understand better. He has always been cordial during our interactions but now he gladly received prayer and has sought my counsel on when and how to share this news with his children, his co-workers and his friends. We talk on a weekly basis
for updates and to encourage each other.

So, here we have an opportunity to experience Romans 8:28 which says: “For we know that God causes all things to work together for good so those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” The Lord is at work. I believe that either He is deepening my faith so I can more effectively minister and/or He is purifying me. Perhaps there is some dross on my heart that inhibits the fullness of the Spirit to work or that keeps me from being an accurate reflection of Christ to those He puts in my path. Whatever the reason, God knows the outcome.

I have told Peggy this and I may have shared it with you and, if so, forgive me for repeating myself. “I don’t know where this road leads but I know Who paved it”.

If you are prompted to pray for me, please pray for Peggy also. We are asking that the Lord use this for His glory and for our strengthening. I would also ask that you pray that the surgery will be adequate and that no radiation treatment will be necessary.

Your partnership with us in ministry is a gigantic encouragement and because of your support, I am able to share the love of Christ in the workpalce with many who have never been to church or have been away from it for a long time. I don’t know how many people have shared with me that, as a result of my encouragement, they are actively visiting churches to find one that they can become involved in. You enable that through your gifts of support. THANK YOU!!! And God bless you.

To Know Him, To Make Him Known,


Getting better

Hi Archie

I have been sick for about 3 years….doctors did not put enough thought into me, but thankfully, God did.

God gave me the wisdom to help myself, when doctors just dismissed me as having nothing wrong.

I have had an adverse drug reaction that attacked my nervous system.   I solved this now by going to the right specialist,  and having the Rx changed to a different drug…also something milder.

I also had a kidney infection (past 6 months) that was either denied by doctors or they gave the wrong medicine……I thought I was going to loose my kidney……I solved this in 2 steps….I went to a friend’s lab and used their microscope to identify what was there….then I went home, and happened to find a left over Rx from a tooth infection in my daughters’ drawer that happen to match what I needed.    So God had already provided for me….I just had to go on a treasure hunt in my house to find it.

Trust God, not man

For the first time, I feel better. I told the Lord that if he wanted me to do anything useful, he would have to heal me.     Otherwise, I was going to be pretty limited. So since I am getting better, I guess he has something for me. Wonder what that is.?

Anyhow, I praise God for the little miracles he does in our lives….with patience, the answer will always come.


God Spot Verified

From my friend Faith.  What a great name!

My Thoughts:
Jeremiah 10:6
No one is like you, O Lord; you are great, and your name is mighty in power.

So…most of you know that this last week was pretty intense for my family. I received the call Friday evening from my parents telling me that my mom had been having chest pains, had been to a cardiologist, and that she would have a heart catheterization (with stints or bypass) on Monday. My entire family rushed to Missouri to be with my mom and dad. My mom was having all the symptoms of a heart attack on Sunday and was taking nitroglycerin. On Monday, the doctor told us that my mom had some anomalies (defects) and 2 clogged and calcified coronary arteries. He told us that he was pretty sure that she was going to have a triple bypass. We rallied, prayed, and hoped for the best.

An hour passed and the doctor came out with a perplexed expression on his face. He said, “She’s fine. Actually she is better than fine. Her arteries have zero plague and no calcification. Being 65, she should have some but she doesn’t. Not only is she plague free, but the abnormalities on the CAT scan just aren’t there anymore. I cannot explain it, and I called 3 other doctors in to look…God must have performed a miracle.”

My mom went home that evening and has had no chest pain or any symptoms. My mom says that all her symptoms went away shortly before they wheeled her into the procedure room and that it was fascinating to watch the doctors freaking out because they didn’t see what they thought they would. They even checked to make sure they had the right CAT scan.

I am praising God because I truly believe He healed my mom…a mighty demonstration of His power. As you pray and listen to God this week, what is God demonstrating to you?