When does God know to save you?

Growing up in the Sierra Nevadas, we had to be creative about simple things like swimming.  There were not any close public swimming pools.  As I remember it, the closest one was pretty creepy.  There was green moss growing on the bottom of a concrete pool.  I wasn’t much into sliding into the concrete pond.
What we did have was a gravel pit with nice clean naturally filtered water.  The bottom was smooth pebbles and the water fresh.  My dad would run us kids over there in his ’59 VW.  As I remember it, my sister was not much of a swimmer.  Considering she became one of the first female park rangers in the US, seems a bit of a contradiction.
Anyway, the story is told that my sister was coaxed into a swim.  My brother or I may have pushed her in.  I don’t know.  We weren’t very tolerant of Lou Lou Belle.  Sorry sis.  Just had to throw the nickname in there.  Ha! 
She went under and started taking on water.  I don’t know how many times she went under, but they say it was a miracle she survived.  I just wonder how many times God let’s us go under before He steps in and saves us.  Any thoughts?

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Snow Chains Required

I took my mother to the doctor today and it got me thinking about my dad who has passed away.  Then my mind “spider webbed” to my childhood home of Gold Run and joined my dad in the memory.  My dad worked hard as a mission pastor of a very small church in a very spiritually cold part of the world. 
It not only was cold spiritually, but it got down right weather cold in the winter time.  Going the road toward Donner Pass many times required snow chains.  My dad would get out on the side of the road and offer to put the “city slickers” tire chains on their cars.  It was cold hard wet work. Many people were happy to pay someone else to freeze their backside off. 
When traffic died down or dad was sufficiently frozen, he would come home and hang his money over the furnace to dry.  I remember feeling so sorry for dad and how cold he was, but very proud of him to suffer while providing for his family.  If he were here, I’m sure he would refer to those times as the “good ol’ days”. 
And then there were those on the bus to California that professionally work the social programs.  Hard work quickly translated to hardly work.  Sad…

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Most Donations Were Appreciated

bug-in-trail-mixTalk about bugs in your food.  We are in a bus loaded down with some of the most interesting people in the world.  When Fred yelled out, “There’s a bug in my food!”, I think some were jealous they didn’t have a bug in their food. 

My friend Sharon made Fred’s day and mine also by contributing to our trip in such a wonderful way.  Fred tossed the bug to a couple children in the seat behind him.  It sure made their day!

Thank you to all my friends and family that made this trip possible.  I’m already thinking about my next one…

Uh.  Probably should have mentioned the trip to Cora before I posted it.  🙂