Riddle: How do you Fast & Feed at the same time?

Four guys and gals were caught fasting 3 days this week.

They only had liquids and waited to see how God would show up. I have taken the liberty to post their dialog here, but for privacy have stripped their names from the text.

Prefast Guy One: Hey guys, only a few hours to go till it’s a liquid diet for three days. One question, did we qualify if coffee is in the mix? In my book, coffee is in, but the real question “Gal One” says is whether sugar/sweetner can be used? What do you all think?

Personally, I think sweetner (splenda) should be OK, but that’s just me talking. Let me know what ya think. See ya Wednesday morning at 6:00a.m.



Guy Two: God bless!

My thoughts are anything liquid is a go, but it is really a personal thing. The true Adkins says no caffeine. I’ve chosen to ditch caffeine in support of Guy Four ditching ‘DIP’. Anyway, enjoy the hunger. God will bless. I will be praying for each of you many times throughout the day.

Your partner in hunger,


Guy Four:Hello all!
We can each make this a personal thing as to what we do and don’t do. I wouldn’t worry about the details, just do what your heart tells you. I have to take medicine with food every morning. So I will have one piece of dry toast as opposed to the “full meal deal” each morning. I know in each heart is the desire to get closer to our God, and that is motivating each of us. I am happy to be in this with a really fine group of people. I believe that the focus on Him, the fasting, and the fellowship makes God smile.

Guy Two:Great thoughts! Yep! Got to nix the full meal deal. What’s for lunch? Got to get to work. I’ll catch you in Ezra. Keep running. You are setting a good pace.


Guy Three: God, I’m not sure what each of us are feeling as we step into this. Lord, my desire is that each of us will experience moments (maybe even hours!) of increased focus on you. You know what those things are in my life that most distract me and I’m asking You to help me lay them aside. Paul is always saying “…to know You better…’ and he was intimate with you! How close is close? How ready am I to know You beyond my present? Father, come meet us where we are and let us look back on this time as spiritually enriching beyond our expectations. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Guy Three:

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu7R7ZO2PVU&feature=related

Guy Two: Thanks Guy Three: ,

Good job on the inspiration. I’ve been pondering what I should be praying for. Usually, when I have fasted I have had a burning need for something. This time it is more about closeness.


Guy One: Hello everyone, we are nearly 2/3 done with the three day food fast, yahoo! I can tell you that I am doing far better than I had imagined…I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t think much about eating (hard to believe I know). I can also tell you that my focus on God’s working in my life is sharp, and I guess it’s because of this fasting.

I pray that all of you are doing well also. I’m looking forward to the South Beach diet on Thursday (I know, some of us are doing the Atkins). Speedo swim suit here I come!!

Carry-on y’all,


Guy Three: Holding up well physically. Had some weak feelings at moments but fought through them. Amazing how conditioned we are to feeding ourselves (hungry or not). I’ve determined that I seldom experience anything close to hunger. I just eat when it’s time to. There is a freedom that comes in a fast, don’t you think? And you are right…a sharpness of focus. Your senses are just more pure. Fasting is such a core spiritual discipline that it’s amazing it is not a larger part of my life. Hmmm…good for me physically, emotionally, spiritually…no wonder I seldom do it…it works too well! Maybe I’ll change that.

Do they make Speedos in size 82?



chocolate-cookie.jpgGuy Two:Thought you might like to be in on the fun. I saw a hot chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven placed on Guy Three’s: desk. It was signed from the Tempter. I wonder………


Guy Three: Wow! It was actually the most difficult thing I’ve experienced in the last 3 days! Two freshly baked cookies, still warm, yelling out my name! I grabbed them and went and put them on ?????? desk! Get behind me, satan!


Guy Two: Awe Man! That was my cookie. I want it back. Tomorrow is another day. The hunger strike will be over. Just kidding about wanting it back. I can still smell the memory. Thanks for enjoying my warped humor.


Guy Four: That’s not funny. I just got home from cleaning, the whole church smelled like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!!! But i could not find even one to snack on


Guy Two: I was thinking about …

I wonder what it was like to go into the Holy of Holies. The reverent fear of desiring to meet God, but knowing if you were hiding sin, you would die. Then, actually meeting God and retreating still alive. Can you imagine how charged you would be!


Guy Three: This thought helped me today…thanks, Guy Two:. The closer we get to the Light, the more we see the remaining dark spots in our lives. Awareness of sin is good because we do not have a God who condemns, shames and guilts us through our mistakes. He just invites us to clean up and draw closer to Him…to consider stepping toward the Holy of Holies.


Guy One:Are you ready for some chocolate chip cookies tomorrow?


Guy Two:

Cracker Barrel has a double meat breakfast with my name on it!


Guy One: OMG, I love Cracker Barrel. Hmmm…grits, biscuits, eggs, and sausage – that’s got to be on my diet, it just has to be!!


Guy Two: Hi friends!

The fast was awesome! I have to confess that I was incredibly hungry the 3rd day at about 2:00. I had been smelling chocolate cookies all day and then went to Texas Hamburger Company …. I had water, but it smelt so good. I was faithful and survived.

My “God Spot” was the revelation about reverent fear experienced in the Holy of Holies. One day I hope to take that step of faith and survive the encounter.

Thank you friends for supporting me and being part of a bigger thing God is working on. We have established a uniqueness about our relationship. I look forward to seeing God’s hand at work.

May the Force be with you.

Your hunger bud,


Guy One: Talk about going into the fiery pit Guy Two. You survived going to the hamburger company, that’s courage my man!! Gal One: and I had a similar situation on Tuesday, we survived our home smelling like garlic as ????? was making pasta with garlic sauce (yummy!!).

It was an awesome adventure the past three days…and all in support of Guy Three. God is so good.

Have a great day y’all. See ya tonight (except for you Guy Three and Gal Three).


Gal Three: Way to go guys. Inspiring….we wives have fabulous men of God…..Thank you.


Guy Two: I actually blacked out and fell at the top of stairs this morning. God’s good! He gave me a new experience and a “God Spot” all at once. I woke up at the top of the stairs with Gal Two: saying, “are you ok?” I think it is time to eat.


Guy Four:
I don’t know about you guys and gals, but this was really productive spiritually. I have fasted sunup to sundown before, but with specific purpose in mind. This time I just decided to look in the deep corners of my heart to see if any mold or mildew were growing. I found some. God revealed some problems I have with me and what a great opportunity to fix them! So this was productive for me.

Praying God’s Word

One of the most significant events of my life was when Cora introduced me to the concept of praying the very Word of Christ. Consider the awesomeness of praying the Word of God. During my life walk with Christ, I began to appreciate when my prayers intertwined with the will of God then things happened. The difficulty was knowing what to pray confident that it was the will of God. Now when I pray God’s Word, there is no doubt it is His will. It is His Word! I sign the prayer as a contract with the signature of Jesus Christ written in the blood shed on the cross for my sins.

I put this principle into action as I was waiting for my court case to be called and my time to testify. There were a dozen or so individuals who wanted to hang me (some figuratively and others for real). In events leading up to the court date, I had conducted myself with the highest morals and integrity. I did all I could do to protect those that now wanted a piece of me. I stood alone counting on God to see me through the storm. Cora had written verses on note cards God had put on her heart for me. While I waited, I prayed the Word of God written on these cards. It established God’s presence and His protection.

As a person, I am nothing. I have no authority or power to ask anything of God. I deserve nothing! With Christ, I am a child of the King. I comfortably and humbly fall on my face before the very throne of grace and submit my petitions. I am confident God hears and responds, providing the abundant life He has promised.

“13And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. 14You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” John 14

It is a great place to be. I only wish I had not given so many years of my life away before I discovered His abundant Way. What is your experience in praying God’s Word?

Definition: Abundance – God’s perfection of His will and purpose in ones life.

Finding Jesus on a Gravel Road

gold-run.jpgMy dad survived tuberculosis in Kerrville, Texas. He surrendered to preach and began his ministry in a Baptist mission in Gold Run, California. I remember after one Sunday morning service where we met at the Odd Fellows Hall, we were driving down a gravel road to our house. I asked mom if I could become a Christian. She said, ‘yes’. I asked God to forgive me of my sins and invited Him into my heart. It was that simple. I asked. God said, ‘Yes’.

It is easy to forget a lot of happenings in life. This one event was forever etched into my memory. It was the first conscious moment of realizing I needed God and without a struggle inviting Him into my heart. How precious it is that God loves us all and simply wants us to ask.

“You’re blessed when you get your inside world—your mind and heart—put right. Then you can see God in the outside world”. Matt 5:8