What if this is your last big adventure?

I think all will agree there is a time when we will die.  Most are anxious to put the idea out of our head.  But what if the thought comes in the forefront of your imaginations, because you know this is the last adventure you will have in service to God?  As Paul, he had run a good race, he had fought a good fight.  But God called.
Suppose uniquely, God reveals to you that the adventure you about to embark on may be the last.  Would the knowledge change anything in your life or your perception of the adventure? 
It matters not how young or how old you are.  The current adventure you are on, may be your last.  Think about the people where the adventure of life ended abruptly.  Think about Keith Green, Janus Joplin, Michael Jackson  and list goes on….
Each person unexpectedly encountered the end of the road.  The thought comes to mind as I consider the possibility of God working through me in Fresh Connections.  What if this is my last?  Will I have run a good race?  Will I have fought a good fight?  Will God say, “Well done.  Good and faithful servant.”
I hope so….
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