“…take me when you must, but heal me till the day you do…” ~Joey

God is healing every aspect of my life . God is so big for our tiny minds to really understand .

A little over a year ago before I got sick, I was preaching about love and forgiveness, and the Lord dropped in my spirit ” you hypocrite ” . Then Boom, the brakes were slammed and I realized that I had not even forgiven my own Father . Now this is another story for another time but in short I allowed God to restore that relationship.  ” meanwhile back at the bat cave ” I ended up sick as a dog and in code blue several times, most of you know this, you all have been a great support system for me in my time of need .

Anyway, so while I am sick, and learning that my Dad is not quite the monster that I was brainwashed into believing , it was starting to look like I may or may not make it through the summer . Blah, blah, blah, most of you know this already . So I said Lord, I am at peace, I submit to your will, what so ever that may be.

He dropped in my spirit to make peace with everyone I had hurt in the past, and to inform the mothers of my children of my medical issues so they could be prepared in case my other children should start having similar symptoms. I was preparing for death . My relatives were making trips to see me , my Father was going to fly down , but something told me to hold off on that one . Some of you were there for me, saw me sicker than a dog, for that I thank you, others of you, I did not want you to see me, ” Sorry Miss Majors ” I was to contagious at the time, even know I wanted the robot.  HEHE

The point I am trying to make is Cori one of my baby’s mother decided she was going to let me be in my daughters life, not only one natural, but another precious Angel that called me Daddy when she was a baby, and she has never stopped being my daughter in my heart anyway . She also has a newborn that my wife and I have spiritually adopted, which is fun because we can no longer get pregnant .

So going back to my Father, he did come down a few weeks ago, which was perfect timing, because he got to meet five of his grand kids as well .

God healed me from the inside first . And I praise him for it ! Now he is healing my body from every aspect . Even my right ear, which is so trivial, but it has been giving me issues, a huge ball of wax the size of a rabbit pellet was just waiting for me to pull out.

Our bodies are temples, His spirit Dwells within us, He does not want to dwell in an unclean sickly temple. So I said God, I rebuke this sickness in your name, take me when you must, but heal me till the day you do, and my health has been improving every since.

I am starting all over, yes, I may have lost the big bucks, the house, and all the things society sees as success . But I have God, my wife, my children and my life. I have my family and all of you . To me, I am the richest man on earth . And I praise God for just being God. I wish you all a wonderful day.



“God revealed a mystery to me last night.” ~priest

I want to ask forgiveness of all the people I have met in my lifetime that have pain or an illness that can’t be fixed.  God has blessed me my entire life with incredibly good health.  I could not relate to the pain others felt suffering from long term poor health.  Sure, I felt bad for them.  But, only for an instant.  After all, I felt good.  Forgive me.

With my recent migraines, I am beginning to appreciate the physical and mental suffering of others.  This experience will likely be one of the biggest blessings of my life time.  It seems the price of knowledge and understanding is not always cheap.  The cost of love even more, so.

This picture is a picture of a man I don’t know, but I am sure it is representative of millions around the world who are confused, hungry and lost.  This picture is my self portrait without Jesus.  I am still a man.  I still think.  I still have dreams and passions, but most will never be fulfilled.  I am starved for the love of Christ.

In the midst of my headaches, I have been praying God draw me close.  Don’t let this suffering be for nothing.  Place value in my head hurting.  Teach me what you want to teach me.  Order my steps.  Reveal your pleasure on my life.  Show me your purpose in life.

God gave me this picture of man without Jesus.  Look at the eyes.  See the insatiable desire and hunger.  Look at the hands designed to have purpose and function, but having no strength.  Look at the lips having desire to speak, but no words of value to say.  Look at the nose, ready to breath in the essence of Jesus, but smelling only the stench of death.  This is a picture of me without Jesus.

God revealed a mystery to me last night.  It likely won’t be much of a mystery to you, because unless God reveals, words are just stuff on paper.  But for me the revelation is mind blowing.  The truth places great meaning on my life and yours.  I’ll save the revelation for a future blog as I work through its implications, but I want you to know Jesus loves you.

Without Jesus, life is hell and eternity is waiting….