Planting an Apple Orchard

I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. As a child the mountain world was full of adventure. I grew up under the careful wings of our land lord Mr. Bundicks. He was a mountain man with incredible talents. Even at the early age of 6 or 7 years old, he took a special interest in me. I remember when he let me assist him in the planting of an apple orchard. That was in itself seemingly harmless, but some might find it challenging when he allowed me to light the dynamite to create the holes for planting the trees. I learned to respect powers that were bigger than life. That was the same year I accepted Christ as my Savior.

Snow Skiing Outside Boundaries

We loaded up the Suburban with a bunch of Jeff’s friends and headed for Brackenridge Ski Resort. The snow was awesome and we started the day fresh after staying overnight in a ski lodge. Jeff is a great skier and enjoys the ‘black diamond’ slopes. Cora and I are a lot less adventuresome and enjoy the blue slopes. We are content just getting down safely.

It was on the first run of the first day that Jeff ventured outside the bounds…. The rest was up to God.

Backpacking Europe

Following Jeff’s graduation from high school, we invited two of his friends and headed for Europe. I had frequent flyer credits to spend and booked a flight to Frankfurt, Germany. The flight is long enough to get on the plane fresh and arrive smelling bad. Actually, I think some actually got on board smelling bad.

I was responsible for buying round trip tickets for the four of us. Cora, Jeff and his friend Mark traveled with me. It was a budget trip. I purchased the airline tickets with frequent flyer points and we had just enough money to backpack Europe on a frugal budget. We purchased Eurail train passes and traveled all over Europe. We ended up back at Frankfurt, broke and ready to fly home. Unfortunately, the travel agent I used missed our departure date by a month. We were broke and no help from the airline. We began to pray.