“Getting passed over..” ~by marianne


Life is full of disappointments.

Many times we work hard for something, and we do not get it.


We spend years getting the experience, building up references, and doing a good job. We go back to school, to increase our qualifications and credentials. Then we apply for a better job, and we are rejected. We watch others who appear to be less qualified take what we were hoping for. Why?

We put much effort into our marriage or family relationships. Then our spouse leaves us for someone else, and our children would rather be with their friends, than with us. Why?

We work to maintain our property and home. One day, we put it up for sale. We have no buyers, but the guy next door, with the sloppy yard, and less maintained home, sells his home for a big profit. Why him, and not us?


One day, I was walking along, reflecting on how much I had been passed over for blessings in my life.

I felt sad, like I had missed out on a lot. There were many, many things denied to me, that I worked so hard for. I had gotten left behind too many times.

I asked God, why am I always being passed over for everything?

A still small voice boomed back:

I…… passed over you!!!!!!!!

I got the point.

When man passes over us, it is harm to us.

When God passes over us, we are protected and blessed.

Recall the Israelites in Egypt, on the night before they left.

They had to stay inside, and do special things, and not go outside.

Yet, they were the ones saved from the Angel of Death.

So, God will also allow us to be “passed over” for our protection, even when it looks like it is man doing it.

When an opportunity seems missed, it might be that we are being saved from an “Egyptian bondage” of our own.