James Harrison T-Shirt – What will you pay?

jamestaylorHow much will you pay for an authentic James Harrison Superbowl record breaker T-Shirt?  I think this shirt may have been worn during the Super Bowl game and James made his record breaking touch down.  I think the guy that has this shirt stole it off his back while he was in the shower.

 aretha-franklinOr possibly you’d like to bid on Aretha’s hat she recently wore at the Oh’Bama inaugeration.  She says she’s not sure if she is going to let the Smithsonian Institute have it.


michael_phelps_bong-500x666And if nothing else you could always bid on Michael Swim Phelps’s hooka pipe.  He says he used bad judgement.  Probably thought the pipe was a bad fit for his teeth.


Or possibly my dirty socks. 

I don’t know.  I guess the Super Bowl brings out the best or worst in me.  Sigh…


Which item will bring the best price on ebay?

You do! I would never!


 What ever happened to love?  Remember the first time you looked in your Love’s eyes and saw the gentleness and peace of returned love.  Remember when there was nothing you wouldn’t do for your life mate?  Remember the kind words exchanged and that good morning kiss? What happened?

You worked hard to provide for the family.  Long hours at your profession or striving to keep the home pulled together while the world pulled it apart.  Running, constantly running from one sports event to another.  What happened to the love?

Somewhere in the mix of life, faithfulness slipped away.  There just wasn’t time for God if you were going to accomplish the things that were admirable and important.  Slowly, it became harder to spend time with a Father that was so distant.  It wasn’t long before you shoved Him in the back of your thoughts and quit caring.

Do you want your love back?  Return to your 1st love and love will return to you. 

Do this.  Buy the New Testament version of the Bible known as “The Message” and read it straight through cover to cover as fast as you can.  Write in the margins everything that comes to your mind. 

Read fast.  Write fast.  Don’t let anything slow you down or prevent you from consuming the Word.  Open your body, soul and spirit to God.  Somewhere,  sometime during the read you will find your 1st love.  Love will return to you.  It’s that simple. 

It only takes a few days to consume a good book.  The Message is THE good book.  It took me less than 30 days to read it the first time while I worked a full time job.   If your marriage has lost its love.  Read the book and then read it again.  You will find love.  Guaranteed.  But do you really care?

Do you think their faithlessness cancels out his faithfulness? Not on your life! Depend on it: God keeps his word even when the whole world is lying through its teeth.” Paul

Till Death Do Us Part

wedding-ringsTill death do us part… Excuse me!  But what does that mean?  Does it mean I will stick with you as long as I “FEEL” like I love you? Does it mean I will be faithful as long as you stay young and perky?  OR does it mean I will stay faithful and love you until death separates us?

Believers in our church are beginning a movement to turn our eyes and hearts to God every 60 minutes for 60 days.  God has impressed me that for now, I am to pray for specific marriages.  These couples include friends, family and even a new friend reqesting prayer in Barbados. 

Something really profound happened today.  A friend called today and said he was bringing his wife to town as a surprise and wondered if we could meet for dinner at the River Walk.  We hadn’t seen each other for years and he reminded me that they were in a marriage enrichment class we taught 10 or 15 years, ago. 

Our meeting was not a coincidence.  It was God reminding me.  The battle for marriages is worth the fight.  If I can pray for you or a friend of yours, let me know.  I will be honored to add your choice to my list.  God is in the miracle working business for those that love Him.

I look forward sharing some incredible “God Spots” with you as God rescues marriages!