Zacchaeus hosted one of the 1st Organic home churches.

The light is beginning to come on ever so dimly in my search for truth and what it means to focus on Jesus.  Consider Zacchaeus…

 Zacchaeus was a wee little man
And a wee little man was he
He climbed up in a sycamore tree
For the Lord he wanted to see
And as the Savior passed that way
He looked up in that tree
And He said, “Zacchaeus, you come down!
For I’m going to your house today
For I’m going to your house to stay”

 See if this works for you.  Zacchaeus as a wee little man was a man of humility.  It is in his humility that Jesus draws close, acknowledging the condition of Zacchaeus heart.

 Zacchaeus climbs in a tree.  He in his humility is positioned above the crowd and noise of life.  He has taken the initiative to find a vantage point to see Jesus.  He does not let obstacles obstruct his view or actions.  He wants to see Jesus and takes steps to make it happen.

 Jesus in His sovereignty passes by Zacchaeus knowing he is waiting to see Him.  Jesus with a smile on His face, tells Zacchaeus to come down from his isolated perch and join Him in communion.

 It is Jesus that knows the heart of Zacchaeus and announces He is going to the house of Zacchaeus with plans to stay.  Zacchaeus  may have unknowingly hosted one of the 1st organic home churches.  WOW!

 In a nutshell… as best I understand it today, a focus on Jesus requires humility, a desire to see Jesus, an active positioning to see Jesus, a knowledge of what to look for in order to focus on Jesus and a willingness to take Him home.  

 Jesus will be there in the process from beginning to end.  

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Would Jesus really bring undesirables home?

I’ve been thinking and praying a lot about home church.  I’ve got a really basic question.  If you meet in your home for church, life group, cell group or whatever, what do you do if an undesirable shows up?  

Like what if the guy smells REALLY bad or he spits when he talks or maybe he passes gas.  What do you do with the guy?  Do you invite him back or move the meeting somewhere else so he can’t find you next time?

Seriously, what do you do with someone you don’t what to be church with?

Note obvious sarcasm, but it is an interesting thought. Jesus seemed to specialize in undesirables…. hmmm…

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I’m willing to give up my truck to go to heaven…

Hey friend,

I've been thinking about what I might be willing to give up to go to heaven.  I thought about giving up my dog, but I don't have a dog.  I thought about giving up my savings account, but I don't have one of those either.  So, I think I am willing to give up my truck for a ticket to heaven.  Mostly 'cause it has 198,000 miles on it and I figure God can afford the overhaul.  

It's interesting that the original price Jesus quoted to the rich young ruler was: he had to give it all.  He had to sell it all and give it to the poor.  The ticket price was too high for the ruler.  Then, Christ died on the cross and now we have access to eternal life at no cost to us.  Jesus prepaid for us with His life.  

Wonder if the rich young ruler heard about the new deal? Sounds crazy right?  But think about this…  

If you "exchange" your life for the life of Christ, you are saying you are willing to die that others might live.  Are you really?  It seems to me, many people make the exchange and get through the gate, but never walk the path.  It's these people that took advantage of the new deal, but never sold their goods and gave to the poor.  I don't think God will honor the new deal unless you "sell out".  

I don't think He is interested in entertaining those that hedge their bets…


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