What if God is done with you?

clouds.jpgThis may sound a bit odd, but slow down. Take a deep breath and consider the possibility of God having completed a good work in you. We hear all the time ‘Be Patient. God is not through with me.’

What if God is done creating the person in you He wanted. Done. Finished. You are complete. Here is the question: What next? What will you do now that God has completed His work. Please think deep.

Consider the possibilities. Because you have been completed in His image, will God work through you to heal the sick or possibly make a blind man see? Will He send you to a beggar man to feed? Will he send you to orphans and widows to minister to? Will He have you proclaim the power of His name? Will you speak in some heavenly language?

Think on it. Then, imagine suppose you really were completed. Now what will you do with the rest of your life? Will it be just the same old stale stuff or will you be invigorated to consider God completing you?

If there any fault in just living as if God has completed His good work and you are fully equipped?