“37” An interesting number

37 ny trade center

“Members of the Port Authority police officers painted a message on the last steel column removed from the World Trade Center site to commemorate the number of officers lost on Sept. 11. Flaking paint and rust has been restored by art conservationists at Hangar 17 of Kennedy International Airport.” (Photo by Lane Johnson)

James Harrison T-Shirt – What will you pay?

jamestaylorHow much will you pay for an authentic James Harrison Superbowl record breaker T-Shirt?  I think this shirt may have been worn during the Super Bowl game and James made his record breaking touch down.  I think the guy that has this shirt stole it off his back while he was in the shower.

 aretha-franklinOr possibly you’d like to bid on Aretha’s hat she recently wore at the Oh’Bama inaugeration.  She says she’s not sure if she is going to let the Smithsonian Institute have it.


michael_phelps_bong-500x666And if nothing else you could always bid on Michael Swim Phelps’s hooka pipe.  He says he used bad judgement.  Probably thought the pipe was a bad fit for his teeth.


Or possibly my dirty socks. 

I don’t know.  I guess the Super Bowl brings out the best or worst in me.  Sigh…


Which item will bring the best price on ebay?

Run. But, you can’t hide.



Bad Request

Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request.


I am focused and praying hard for couples in marriage that I know are struggling.  Yesterday, one of the couples said they were separating and another said they had already separated.  Sometimes it seems God sends back a “Google Error.  Bad Request.” response. 

What am I doing wrong in my prayers?  If separation is the result of my prayers, maybe I shouldn’t be praying?  Is God just too busy keeping up with presidents and kings and things?  Does God really care?

Then, I think about Jesus willingly dieing on the cross that I might have life and have it abundantly.  That negates any argument of not caring.  Could it be that my prayers are adding light to the couples’ life that reveals things they don’t want to see?

Running from God is never the solution.  He never tires.  He will chase.  Abundance is found when God is embraced and you walk faithfully together through the fire.  Let God catch you.  Give up the chase.  He can and will make a difference.   God bless.