One Heart Beat Away

heartbeatWe are all one heart beat away from eternity.  It would seem some of us are closer to meeting our Maker than others.  When the doctor says, ‘Things don’t look so good.  We did all we could.”  It tends to sensitize one to the reality of life and death.

There are several people both young and old in my life that I wonder how many heart beats they are away from Christ’s perfection.  Will I get the sad news of a “passing” during the Christmas season?  Will I get the glad news of new life birth during this season?  What an incredible contrast there is between life and death.

The “God Spot” of today is to appreciate you are one heart beat away from meeting the Creator.   Make today special.

  • Appreciate the birth of the baby Jesus 
  • Be amazed at your new life in Christ
  • Get excited about the gift of your Spirit life
  • Share that Spirit of Christmas with others

OK.  Here’s the challenge.  See how many times you can say, “Merry Christmas!”  Then, count the smiles you get back.  And finally…

Vote the number of times you said, “Merry Christmas” and vote the number of smiles you received.  The Voting Poll is in the right column, over there ———————————–>

This is not a trick question…

question-markRemember when your children were young and almost everything they said was a question.  Like: Why is the sky blue?  Why is water wet?  What makes a car go? 

Now remember when you first discovered Christ.  Remember all the questions?  Who is God?  How did a virgin have a Son? Is Jesus coming again?  Is talking in tongues real?

When was the last time you asked a question about your faith?  When was the last time anyone asked you a question about your faith? A while back, you say?  Why is that?

All that said to merely ask a question that has me intrigued.   What is God’s glory? 

Moses said, “I beseech thee, show me thy glory.”

I’m told there are 4 elements to God’s glory.  First, God’s glory exists with no other action required.  Second, God glory is increased when He creates.  Third, God’s glory is further increased when we appreciate His creations.  Lastly, God’s glory is increased the most by our telling others of God.

BUT wait!  What is God’s glory?

Might there be value in what you think?  Might you help others by sharing what God has revealed to you? Do you know what God’s glory is? I really want to know and Moses is not around to ask.