Christmas Celebration at Grace Point Church

justinChristmas celebration at Grace Point Church was “electric!”  With Justin on the grand piano the music was inspiring and easy to see God’s pleasure in His house.  Thank you Grace Point for a wonderful year and an awesome opportunity to close it out right, remembering all that God has done and all He has planned.

My Christmas Kiss

first-kissAbout 40 years ago or so, I kissed my girl friend for the first time.  It was at her house next to the Christmas tree.  I still remember that first kiss.  Mostly, because I didn’t know what I was doing.  As a matter of fact, I still don’t know what I’m doing.

I thought that kiss was the sweetest moment of my life.   But then later I got a second kiss and it turned out sweeter than the last.  Well 10’s of thousands of kisses later, the kisses just keep getting sweeter. 

What is it about a kiss that you have shared thousands of times before and yet it never goes stale? How is it that you anticipate the touch first thing in the morning and last thing at night?  It is really a God Spot!

My girl friend and I have been married 36 years.  I still open the car door, take her coffee in bed and hold her hand on walks.  She is the ultimate encourager for me.  She never gives up on me.  She is always there as my number one cheer leader.  God has sure blessed me through her.

Christmas is a time for remembering the good things in life.  Appreciating God for all He has done.  It’s a time for remembering that first kiss. 

Thank you, sweetie.


TRUE Confessions: For the rest of the world, where was your first kiss?

It’s Christmas. Come on. Keep up!

stranded-car-ladyFollowing this blog,you know it is all about Christmas, giving and making friends.  Right?  Ok.  Keep up with me now.  Cora and I were driving to HEB after an all day shopping spree. It is a miracle how God stretched a couple hundred bucks into an all day shop!

Anyway, we came up on a lady on 1604 blocking a lane of traffic because she was stranded without gas.  For 10 minutes people were honking and swerving around, but not helping.  I spotted the opportunity to make another friend. 

I pushed her off the road which was easy.  It was downhill.  Went to Autozone and “bah humbug” what a ripoff charging $12 for an empty emergency gas can.  Bought it anyway and counted it as the cost of blessing someone. 

It turns out that I gassed the car up and it still didn’t start, but I did my part.  By the time I got the gas in, she had made contact with her mom and figured out how to call the car dealership for a tow.   No body got hurt and I scored another point on the “Merry Christmas” poll.