It seems most of the time, God reveals and provides opportunity without warning…


I was in Starbucks minding my own business, when a lady shows up with a couple large empty covered plastic containers.  A Starbucks employee proceeds to give her all the dated pastries for her containers and she hangs around at a table in front me sorting things out.

After a while, i get up to leave and go to work.  I stop in front of her and make comment that i bet she is going to make some people happy. She explains she is from the Saint Assisi or something catholic church and these pastries will go to feed the homeless.  As we are chatting about the local homeless shelter, i am doing a heart check and i think God is saying give her money.  You have to understand there was a time when giving from my excess was not challenging at all.  Today, i give from what i don’t have and i am very aware to give without God’s direction is stupid.

So as she is talking, i am thinking, “God.  Do you want me to give? i am not sure and i want to be responsible with the little i have.”  i am confident this thought was from God.  “Whether you give or not, you will know my will when you walk out the door.”  It reminded me of the times, i heard God and chose to ignore the opportunity to be used by Him.  I get that really sick feeling in my stomach that i just blew it.

Today, i was not going to blow it.  i reached in my pocket and pulled out the exact amount God had impressed on me (without counting).  I handed it to the lady and without a word, began walking out.  She yelled, “What’s your name?”  I wish i had said, “Jesus.”

Getting better

Hi Archie

I have been sick for about 3 years….doctors did not put enough thought into me, but thankfully, God did.

God gave me the wisdom to help myself, when doctors just dismissed me as having nothing wrong.

I have had an adverse drug reaction that attacked my nervous system.   I solved this now by going to the right specialist,  and having the Rx changed to a different drug…also something milder.

I also had a kidney infection (past 6 months) that was either denied by doctors or they gave the wrong medicine……I thought I was going to loose my kidney……I solved this in 2 steps….I went to a friend’s lab and used their microscope to identify what was there….then I went home, and happened to find a left over Rx from a tooth infection in my daughters’ drawer that happen to match what I needed.    So God had already provided for me….I just had to go on a treasure hunt in my house to find it.

Trust God, not man

For the first time, I feel better. I told the Lord that if he wanted me to do anything useful, he would have to heal me.     Otherwise, I was going to be pretty limited. So since I am getting better, I guess he has something for me. Wonder what that is.?

Anyhow, I praise God for the little miracles he does in our lives….with patience, the answer will always come.


Picture of God

god-frame-1I want to do something special for God this year.  I want to put a picture of Him in a frame and hang him along side of Jesus. 

Now don’t take offense.  I know many of you have a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall right alongside of Elvis.  I think it is time to hang a picture of God.

This is where the trouble begins.  What is the picture going to be?  No one has seen the face of God and lived to tell about it.  Moses saw the backside of His glory.  That was a start but doesn’t help me.

Can anyone help me with your idea of what goes in the picture?  Possibly, I should put…

  • A beautiful sunset
  • A walk on the beach
  • Two love birds
  • Giving $5 to the “bell ringer”
  • Standing on the corner yelling Jesus

What do you think?  What should I put in the picture? OK.  You read the blog.  I see you.  There you are.  A few hundred of you are lurking.  Now you are grinning.  I told you I could see you. 

Now click on comments and give a word or two of your picture of God.  Do it anonymously if you must.  Come on.  Click.  You can do it.  Put your fear behind.  That’s it.  Click.  Thanks!