Recession Proof

archie-silverI am recession proof.  I went to the dentist today for a toothache that has been plaguing me.  He asked if I had been in the military.  I said, ‘Yes’.  He said it looked like it from the size of my silver fillings. 

You might think that is a bad thing, but you need to know what my job was in the army.  I was draft motivated with a draft # of 10.  I managed to avoid Viet Nam, but not the dentist.  He obviously was paid by the amount of silver he stuck in my teeth.

Anyway, I was a radar technician in Germany and fillings were a good thing.  If I found myself in front of the radar while it was transmitting, my fillings would heat up and I knew to move quick.  It was much like walking inside of a microwave.  Not a good thing to do.

Thank you Dee Dee for the photo and the great care.  I enjoyed the visit.  Stop in and see us sometime at Grace Point.  I promise your experience will be at least as enjoyable as mine at your shop.  LOL

God bless my dog Spot

mydogspotI likely prayed the “my dog Spot” prayer recently.  It went something like… “Dear God, Bless my dog Spot and bless the food.  Care for aunt Myrtle and give me a new house.”  You know the prayer.  You pray because you know you should.  You really don’t expect an answer.  You just pray.

About 6:00 PM last night my tooth started hurting.  I took a pain killer and prayed for healing.  The tooth started hurting more.  The bottle prescribed I take one bill every 6 hours.  About 8:00, I took another pain killer and prayed some more.  The dentist called to check on me.  That was a first.  I said it hurt bad.  He said to double up on the pain killers.

I began praying continously and earnestly.  About now I am really praying and hoping that God will not only hear but answer.  I even gave God a hand.  I took way too many pain pills of all kinds and variety.  I suppose the pills were for just in case God didn’t show up.  Did I say, “I WAS IN PAIN!”.  There now.  That shout felt good.

About 3:00 AM, the pain subsided to a dull ache.  I’m giving God the credit for the pain relief.  The drugs obviously weren’t doing anything.  But, I have a question.  What was God doing between the hours of 6:00 PM and 3:00 AM? I’m sincere.  Why does it take a while (most of the time) to see God’s provision?

Why do they call it a toothache?

tooth-acheEver had a toothache?  Why do they call it a toothache?  It’s not an ache.  It is a head splitting, jaw breaking, mind numbing, eye popping, pain in the mouth. 

There are no little toothaches.  There are only volcanic eruptions with earthquake siesmic shocks.  I have one of those toothaches. 

To digress.  I love Snickers candy bars.  I especially love Snickers that are frozen.  Somebody gave me a bag of mini-Snicker bars and I put them in the freezer.  Well in a moment of weakness, I grabbed a couple and promptly chowed down!

Much to my surprise, I broke the crown off my tooth that I had installed last Thanksgiving.  Can you hear me screaming?  It hurts!  I went to the dentist.  He says everything looks good, but it still hurts!

Anyway he glued it back on, gave me pain killers, antibiotics and said come back on Thursday.  OUCH! There has to be some Spiritual significance, but right now it HURTS!  I look forward to your prayers!