Will Jesus come today?

mydogspot1First let me clarify. I am referring to God’s son and not ‘Hey Soos’ for all of us in Texas. I’m ok with ‘Hey Soos’ coming today, but probably won’t impact me as much. Now if Jesus shows up today, that will be another thing.

I’m wondering what I will be doing if Jesus shows up. When I see Him and the angelic host in the clouds, will I stop and wait for Windows to shup down? Or possibly, I might get that last swallow of coffee before I step out.

I’ve been thinking. If I really believed Jesus were coming today or relatively soon, what should I do differently. Like, should I leave the keys in the car so “Pick a Lock’ doesn’t have to be called. Maybe, I should go ahead and clean out the fridge of the things that might go bad. I wouldn’t want to leave a mess. Oh yeah, can’t forget the garbage.

More importantly, maybe I should leave my gate open so my dog Spot could get out and have a chance at a freedom of his own. I’ll probably leave a bag of dog food out, but how much is enough? I don’t know. I was just thinking.

What might you do differently if you knew Jesus were coming today?