“Today if you dare, tell me how a worm infested hungry aids child in Africa experiences abundant life.”~priest

Jamie Longoria

ouch Archie!!  You have just inspired my prayers with a new purpose…just a thought, according to your definition of abundance “God’s perfect will and purpose in one’s life” is it possible that their illness and starvation is part of the abundant life..in that it calls the attention, breaks hearts and motivates God’s people into action so that we can be transformed by the impact. In this case, it wouls seem, dispite human logic, that abundant life really has nothing to do with happiness. Still contemplating though..thanks for the food..

I posted this comment to my status in Facebook and in wonderment received these replies.  Click on comments and enjoy the dialog…

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

3 thoughts on ““Today if you dare, tell me how a worm infested hungry aids child in Africa experiences abundant life.”~priest”

  1. Johnny Brooks For starters he/she has to get rid of those worms, and start eating some pizza.
    Yesterday at 8:33am ·

    Archie Rhines My first chuckle of the day, Johnny. But the child is not laughing. Sigh…
    Yesterday at 8:34am ·

    Johnny Brooks Actually they laugh at the pizza part. The de-worming is usually not so funny.
    Yesterday at 8:34am ·

    Edie Cain be lucky enough to have someone preach THE TRUE GOSPEL to them
    Yesterday at 8:37am ·

    Archie Rhines lucky???? shame on you… 🙂
    Yesterday at 8:47am ·

    Jennifer Rutledge By experiencing someone with a gentle soul there to help in sometimes the only way they can. And by a loving touch from someone who is not afraid to show the love of Christ. We may not see how that can be experiencing an abundant life but I bet that child would
    Yesterday at 8:47am ·

    Archie Rhines Great insight Jennifer. Love the thought…
    Yesterday at 8:48am ·

    Edie Cain ???? FAVORABLY
    Yesterday at 8:56am ·

    Archie Rhines no luck to it…. God’s favor for sure….
    Yesterday at 9:05am ·

    Archie Rhines How does this work for abundance: “The perfection of God’s will and purpose in one’s life?”
    Yesterday at 9:06am ·

    Teri Undreiner The TRUE Gospel would be to heal them. AND I agree with Jennifer until then. Yes, Archie… shame on some people. Or… rather GRACE on them. They need a revelation of His love.
    Yesterday at 9:41am ·

    Jennifer Rutledge NOT a thing in the world can remove us from God’s heart. Unfortunately we sometimes just remove Him.
    Yesterday at 9:44am ·

    Jamie Longoria ouch Archie!! You have just inspired my prayers with a new purpose…just a thought, according to your definition of abundance “God’s perfect will and purpose in one’s life” is it possible that their illness and starvation is part of the abundant life..in that it calls the attention, breaks hearts and motivates God’s people into action so that we …
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    Yesterday at 10:14am ·

    Archie Rhines Jamie. Have thought about abundant life for years. The definition is God’s gift to me. I believe it is truth. It is the only way for me to look at it and cover all situations that humans find themselves in.

    Let me know if you or others that read this find error in it. I am always open for truth.
    Yesterday at 10:52am ·

    Joey Pierson That would be a good question for the child’s parents.
    Yesterday at 4:25pm ·

    Teri Undreiner It is my belief that if the people of God were doing their job, there would not be “starving” kids anywhere with worms. We are so self centered in this country. If more were missionaries maybe? I don’t think the Word speaks at all that these things bringing God glory. Nor do they come to people to have “impact” on them to turn them. That CAN happen but is not God’s way in the NT.. The” enemy” is the one that kills anything, steals anything, and destroys anything, not God. But here is the big BUT… WE ARE HIS HANDS. WE ARE HIS HEART. WE ARE HIS EYES. WE ARE HIS FEET.WE ARE HIS WALLET. Yet.. we are spending so much on our OWN pleasures/lives. What if whatever we bought for ourselves, we bought for a poor family living close to us. What if we helped a poor family get their yard done when we did ours? What IF, when we took our child to the Dr… we paid the bill of someone else as well? WHAT an outrageous thought. WHAT if we took a two year old child BEFORE they found him in a fetal position in a dark locked closet? What if when we had a party, we invited the poor, the lame, the broken , rather than our friends? WHAT IF Whatever we considered abundant life for ourselves, we shared with someone else? WHAT IF?
    Yesterday at 5:11pm ·

    Joey Pierson What if I told you that I agree with you ? What if I told you there are starving kids right here in the Phoenix area ? What if I told you I have open door policy for hungry people, and do dangerous missions of mercy all over the valley ? What if I told you I drive a 20 year old vehicle, and live in a two bedroom apartment ? What if we all put our money where our mouth is ? Charity begins in the home, Phoenix is our home .
    I do not mean to sound heartless , Lord knows I do not , how can we help others when we do not even help ourselves. I have two freezers , feed many people, or do I ? No, as you mentioned it is God’s money . I wish for no one to suffer, I wish for no one to do without . The unfortunate reality Teri is the church world tends to be hypocritical, most of which and as we know church was only mentioned in the bible twice, and has little to do with the Kingdom of God. So , I do, I agree withyou. All we can do, is what God calls us to dio, what the spirit puts in our hearts. But we must not let it foster resentment and disdain . If we allow emotion to get in the way of the Spirit, it can cause problems for us.
    Yesterday at 6:19pm ·

    Teresa Devlin Good lady!!
    Yesterday at 8:16pm ·

    Archie Rhines Great thoughts friends. Thank you Teresa (missionary in Honduras).
    10 hours ago ·

    Scott Bertolini Been working in the field of recovery for over 10 years…right here in America. I must say with all the conviction I can muster and with a tear in my eye that I was ministering to the hurting & homeless in Chico, Ca. this week…no less heart wrenching. The opportunity to have an affect in the lives of those in need, is absolutely needed right here in our own backyards. Now I must admit, not everyone that says they need help, really do. Most are just in need of “REAL DISCIPLESHIP”, as modeled by our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Someone that is willing to role up his/her sleeves and be an active (sometimes outspoken) part of their lives, not a very glamorous job, but the rewards…………. are greater than we will ever imagine this side of heaven.
    10 hours ago ·

    Teri Undreiner When I say ” missionaries” I mean ” lifestyles of christians” wherever we may be. Resentment has no place there. ” The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love”. PAUL,t he apostle.
    8 hours ago ·

    Jamie Longoria Archie, I love the God inspired truth definition of abundance! I just meant that maybe in that perfection of will and purpose there might be some suffering. I just wonder if “abundance” is being confused with comfort or happiness.. and Teri, I know many people who have been changed by seeing poor children in Africa, their perspectives and drive for their lives become changed and more God centered. The mere impact has changed many to roll up their sleeves and get to “work” and not just for one person, but hundred, thousands or even more. Not saying that it makes it any less devastating. But Jesus did warn us that in THIS world there will be suffering, but take Heart because he overcame the world. And untill the place that he is preparing for us is ready to receive us,it will always be here. I don’t think that it is because God’s people are not working. Why would he call us to take care of the poor, widows etc unless he knew that it would always be an issue in THIS world. I certainly don’t trivialise anyones suffering on any level, starvation, disease, addiction, divorce, depression..the list goes on. My heart truly aches for all in pain. I just think that even in the midst of unbearable consequences, it could be that God still has a perfect will and purpose for that time.
    I’m still rolling it over and maybe I’m dead wrong…
    7 hours ago ·

    Archie Rhines Thank you Jamie. God never intended suffering. Satan did and does, but God is sovereign. God personally guarantees that all things work together for the good of those that LOVE HIM. That is the key.

    So satan does his dastardly deed, if you love God and I mean truly love God, then God plays a trump card and kicks satan in the teeth. The bad works together for good.

    ie my head still hurts, but I am more dependent on God for the pain free times. I use the pain to remind me to pray for others. So it seems the bad has turned to good.

    ~just sayin’
    about a minute ago ·

  2. Ichabod. Maybe I agree. Maybe I don’t. Depends….

    I don’t understand it, but I believe it. God is the same beginning and end, but the God before Jesus was crucified had a different strategy for mankind than the God after Jesus rose again. One can not answer most questions without considering which God strategy is being exercised.

    I believe and can be wrong, that the God of grace does not desire suffering and likely does not instigate it. I believe the sin we have inherited, the sin we create and the suffering the evil ones instigate is the game being played out.

    God doesn’t like the game, but guarantees the win…

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