Pray for my friend now, lest you forget…

I have a friend who is in intensive care at a local hospital.  He might have died today.  God chose otherwise.  This afternoon I visited my friend.  With difficulty communicating, he had but one request.  Pray.  So he, his wife and I prayed.
He said many times people say they will pray, but never get around to it.  This was one prayer he didn’t want to miss.  What impresses me most about my friend is not that he asked me to pray, but that the request would be the same whether he was in ICU or dropping by for coffee.
My friend is a believer.  My friend is a believer in God and the reality of prayer.
I look forward to God continuing to authenticate His presence in my friend’s life and the struggle he finds himself in.  There are blinding God Spots on the horizon.
Please pray for my friend.  He would ask you do it now, lest you forget.
God bless.

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

10 thoughts on “Pray for my friend now, lest you forget…”

  1. Thank you for the prayers. Steve and Peggy appreciate your love, concern and prayers. Amazing, the community of God knows no bounds. The three comments from all over the US. Thank you. I have prayed for you and your family.

  2. will be praying-saying one now–i have learned alot this past year about the true power of prayer.

  3. Update on Steve…

    “Steve remains in ICU. He has improved since earlier today. The bleeding has stopped and he no longer has to suction blood from his mouth or wound. His breathing is much improved and this should allow him to get some sleep tonight (which he desperately needs). He will be given 2 units of new blood later tonight to replenish. He will stay in ICU for observation. GREAT NEWS: The pathology report has come back on the lymph nodes and they are completely clear!!! Praise God!”~dave

  4. From Peggy…
    Very quick update on Steve:

    Still has not been able to sleep. He is very tired, weak and of course hurting. He has to be in a sitting position at all times and still suctioning blood from mouth but not nearly as often. Still receiving the blood clotting stuff through veins and other stuff as well. Received 2 units of blood the other day.

    He is starting to swallow liquids but very little so far (not even one inch in the cup)- please pray he’ll do better in this area. We are grateful for the extra weight he went into the hospital with since we’re sure he’s losing alot! Swelling is starting to come down and he’s recognizable as Steve Stoner!

    Still running more tests in the blood area. God is so awesome and we thank each of you for your prayers and love. We praise Him for his love, peace and presence. He is so good to His children!
    Thanks, P.

  5. I am Archie’s Mom. He asked me to pray for Steve and Peggy.
    I have been faithfully praying a couple of times a day and
    more if God brings you to mind. I pray God will be wisdom to the doctors, etc, that God’s healing touch will be upon you and give you strength moment by moment. May God show you why He allowed this distressing time in your life, and may you be stronger servants for Him. Blessings and healing.

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