Benny Hinn’s wife files for divorce.


So Benny Hinn’s wife files for divorce.

Divorce is sad for everyone.

Everyone loses.

There is no condemnation or judgement.

Just sadness.

That said, has anyone been permanently healed at a Benny Hinn healing service?

I’d like to add your experience as a God Spot here.

Email me direct at or post in the comments.

God bless!


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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

15 thoughts on “Benny Hinn’s wife files for divorce.”

  1. Patrick Jackson Maybe he put ministry first and neglicted his role as husband& father. Who knows??? Sad
    6 hours ago ·

    6 hours ago ·

    Jacob Swann Say it aint so Benny Say it aint sooo!!
    5 hours ago ·

    Patrick Jackson @ Mary you’re right it is a show. Jesus healed people and told them to tell no one. He only wanted God to get the Glory. We are all anoited with healing power.
    5 hours ago ·

    Pam Turner Breen wonder why he doesn’t just heal his marriage???? heal thy self benny
    5 hours ago ·

    John Walters If I had the gift to heal the sick I would spend most of my day in hospitals not putting on shows to fleece the poor so I could have bigger homes and a more expensive life style.
    5 hours ago ·

    Eddie Vasquez in the bible you see people coming through roofs just to be healed by Jesus. a woman just touching Jesus’ garment to be healed. prayer and fasting to heal certain kinds. Jesus simply told the dead to rise and lame to walk and THEY DID. nothing about benny hinn is biblical other than there will be wolves in sheeps clothes. none the less he needs prayer just as much as me, you, and anyone else.
    4 hours ago ·

    3 hours ago ·

    Sarah Rook …but we do have to remember everyone IS human…i mean how many people here have been divorced or for that matter sinned? everyone…Grace…a powerful word. God gives it to everyone, so must we. Benny Hinn needs prayer…because he’s human.
    2 hours ago ·

    John Scott Wilson III Christianity in Crisis and Counterfeit Revival by Hank Hanegraaff is pretty revealing about Benny Hinn.
    2 hours ago ·

    Miriam Trainer I have NEVER been a fan of B.H. I think he is in it for the money. Do ya’ll remember Tammy Faye & Jim. I thought they were in it for the money. Began praying for them and shortly their ministry crumbled. I continued to pray for them and I believe they are in a better place now spiritually. Pray for B.H. and all he might influence. Pray a light will shine and illuminate.
    about an hour ago ·

    Archie Rhines Well. Pretty easy to say none of you were healed at a Benny Hinn healing service…. hmmmmm.

    But, I have to imagine someone has been or surely people would quit going to see the show.

    So 1500 people or so are my friends on facebook and thousands read my blog. Surely, someone has been healed. I’d really like to hear from you…. See More
    7 minutes ago ·

  2. Hi Archie;

    I was suffering from acute retardation and went to one his meetings and they improved my intellect level from the bottom of the list to plain foolish. 🙂

  3. Ichabod! I can’t believe you would say such a think. Thank you for the incredible chuckle. You just made my head hurt and it was worth it!

  4. what goes around comes around.when you walk into gods work . better make sure you follow his orders.lean not to your own understanding.god gets jealouse. he has been know to change his mind. only benny can set things right with god.

  5. I give thanks unto the Lord!For He is good and His mercy endureth forever!!! It is well with the righteous!!! It is well with Benny Hinn!!! Things will turn out for his good!!! He will see more than a miracle. Benny Hinn, We (Jesus the desire Ministries) love you!God Bless You!!!

  6. Well, I have never been healed at a BH conference, (possibly because I have never been to one)however, our oldest daughter WAS healed of severe back issues at one of his conferences. I will say this, I am not a BH devotee, but I have watched him on occasion, and I have never seen him NOT give all the glory to God when someone was healed or set free.

    It is easy to criticize, but we need to pray for one another. Personally I think that if we were all doing what we should be, there would be no need for Benny or other “big names.” Jesus never said some of you go …. He just said go!

  7. God heals and Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. I have been to Benny Hinn’s conferences when I was a young Christian and it built my faith. Later, as I grew up in the Lord, I only needed to trust God and ask Him directly without going to others. So, servants like Benny Hinn have their purpose and it doesn’t mean they are false servants but as said above, they are only human and can step out of their calling. We are all vulnerable and only by grace are we saved. When we fall, I can only hope that we have other Christians who will stand and pray and help us along the way and not condemn. If there are issues with those leaders who are misleading the sheep, they answer to God. At first, when I heard about this sad news, I was disappointed and embarrased about being a christian and wonder what the world must say about us christians, but I follow Christ, not preachers. I am fully persuaded that nothing shall separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. The Church will stand despite of the negative reports. As Timothy commented above, we need to pray for one another, lets pray for Benny Hinn, his wife and children. We need to pray for the young christians who may become discouraged by this news and fall away. Let’s pray they will become strengthen instead and become humble and realize how much we need God and His grace to lead us along the way. Remember what Jude 24 states, He is able to keep us from falling and to present us holy before His Presence in glory. Focus on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

  8. Lets admit it, in our society now people get divorced. What is unacceptable at this point is that this is coming from a church leader. Unconsiouscouly, what he has done might already be making a mark on his flock on divorce.

  9. Some of the comments people have made towards Benny Hinn are disgusting. I have been to one of his services and I have watched him on T.V. But I also watch alot of evangelists and Benny Hinn is special. Who does not make mistakes in their life. Who are we to judge him. What person on this earth is perfect? Tell me who is perfect? No one. Instead of someone critizing his life why not pray for him and his family. Maybe these people who critize him should look at their own lives. Thank-you for giving me the chance to have my say on this matter.

  10. oh god i’m a young believer i can’t make out clear margin who r rong who r rite.

    please give us preachers & prayer warriors to keep us holy from fallin,slippin into the world.

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