Picture of God

god-frame-1I want to do something special for God this year.  I want to put a picture of Him in a frame and hang him along side of Jesus. 

Now don’t take offense.  I know many of you have a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall right alongside of Elvis.  I think it is time to hang a picture of God.

This is where the trouble begins.  What is the picture going to be?  No one has seen the face of God and lived to tell about it.  Moses saw the backside of His glory.  That was a start but doesn’t help me.

Can anyone help me with your idea of what goes in the picture?  Possibly, I should put…

  • A beautiful sunset
  • A walk on the beach
  • Two love birds
  • Giving $5 to the “bell ringer”
  • Standing on the corner yelling Jesus

What do you think?  What should I put in the picture? OK.  You read the blog.  I see you.  There you are.  A few hundred of you are lurking.  Now you are grinning.  I told you I could see you. 

Now click on comments and give a word or two of your picture of God.  Do it anonymously if you must.  Come on.  Click.  You can do it.  Put your fear behind.  That’s it.  Click.  Thanks!